Thank Merciful Heavens!

The Game is Over.

There wasn't a stupid tie.

Morneau's swing is not totally screwed up by the home run derby.

The game was not decided by a Red Sock or Yankee (A Ray won it, a Phillie lost it, and a Ranger drove in a Twin to win it).

I was honestly a little disappointed that the NL, who had played so well, who looked like a better team for much of the game, who were managed well by Clint Hurdle (who still had substitutes and relievers left in the 15th, while the AL's Terry Francona was using a pitcher he wasn't supposed to in the 14th and didn't make an offensive change after the 8th). And quite disappointed that after 5 hours, people stuck around to boo another player because the words "Red Sox" were on his shirt.

But fortunately, we do not have to deal with Joe Buck or Tim McCarver for another 3 months.

Thank merciful heavens

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