A conundrum

So it's a Friday night. The end of a long week. And the time has come to unwind, kick back and find a happy distraction.

The question is: where does one look?

To the baseball diamond or the cineplex?

To the team whose fortunes have a daily influence on my mood and view of the world, or, to a bunch of fictional characters who struggles will distract, amuse and possibly inspire?

To put it simply: should I watch baseball or Batman?

I love baseball. Like woah. Like I love Hong Kong Dim Sum, or Athenian Ouzo. And I love the Twins even more, I love Little Nicky Punto, and lethargic lothario Livan Hernandez, and Delmon "Supraction" Young, and "Save Big Money at:" Denard's!  Not to mention Messers Mauer and Morneau. So a roster of 25 guys who don't know me, but whom I care about immensely are far more interesting than any masterful performance or eyedropping special effect.

However, it seems like lately, when I watch a game we lose. And then my mood is sour, bitter, a rotted orange stinking up the vegetable crisper that is my life. And so...for the Good of the Twins, for all the guys I love, and for my own personal mood follow me: TO THE BATCAVE OLD CHUM!!

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