I think this pic from MLB.com pretty much sums up my feelings about our upcoming series against the Bitch-Sox:

I think that if things don't go our way, we should yell a lot. And point a lot. Maybe if things do go our way, we should do it anyways just for the hell of it. If Delmon Young is the master of Supraction(TM) then Gardy is the master of its opposite: yelling. Supraction as all about subtlety and grace, and "Hey what the f*** just happened?!" Yelling is more about getting all up in a bitches face and making your opinion known. Which is what Gardy is s good at, and also what gets him ejected from a fair number of games.

If nothing else, I hope Gardy yells a lot in the next four days. And if we win and pass up the Bitch Sox, that would be cool too.

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