Heart torn Asunder

As I watched part of last night's Boston vs. Satan game, I couldn't help but feel torn.
Yes, I hate the Yankees more than celery, people who walk too slow, and possibly even my alarm clock. I always, always want to see a Yankees game end in defeat and I sometimes watch them just for the sake of Schadenfreude.

However, last night, I wanted to bean Keven Youkilis in the face. I could not do this for two reasons:
1) I was sitting with my boyfriend, his family and a few other people who would have thought I was nuts.
2) He was an image on TV and was not in fact there in real life.

How could you, America? How could you let Taylor Hicks win American Idol, how could you vote George W Bush into office, and most importantly, how could you let sketchy goatee man go to the all star game before my wonderful perfect future husband Justin Morneau?

On the other hand, I am behind the Chairman 100% - go Mauer!

1 comment:

  1. My loathing of Youkilis has grown ten fold watching two losses from score boards. Oh, how I hat his mangy goatee...