Um. So. First 5.5 innings were fine.
You know what helps with winning? Getting hits.
You know what also helps with winning? Not allowing the other team to get a gajillion hits (currently in my world, 19 hits = a gajillion. It might as well be a gajillion. That's just too many).
You know what doesn't help? Hitting a lot of pop flies. Hitting = good. Hitting very gently into a fielders glove = bad. These are basic rules, people.

OK I'm done talking about the debacle that was last night. No more will I dwell on what might/could/should have been. We're moving on. Here's hoping that this three game losing streak will be followed my an even more glorious 156 game winning streak.

Sending happy healthy vibes to Baker and Mauer.

[c'mon...who wouldn't feel 100 times better looking at those lil' guys. Maybe the solution to all our problems is cute puppies. I will think on this some more and get back to you]

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  1. I wasn't even feeling bad...but yes, puppies made me feel better. Hooray!!