I've always been of the opinion that crappy things aren't really crappy, they just help us appreciate the good things more. Monday's loss, while sucktastic and depressing, made last night's victory even sweeter. Especially since it was my favorite kind of win - the bottom of the 9th, 2 out come from behind kind.

Disclaimer: I did not actually watch this game - I was in choir rehearsal for 2 hours and 45 minutes...from the hours of 7pm to 9:45pm. Trying to hide my blackberry discreetly behind my Mozart Requiem score so I could see the play by play got a little cumbersome after a while, so I reluctantly gave up.

After the game I immediately called Scruffy, who was watching the game with his family. At this point, we were down 5-3 in the bottom of the 9th. Scruffy related to me the following events:
- Gomez walks. ("Really? He didn't just...swing at everything?" "Apparently not.")
- Kubel walks and is promptly replaced by Brendan Harris as pinch runner (good call. Watching Kubel trying to outrun a wild pitch to first on Monday was one of the more mystifying moments of my life).
- Buscher walks.
- Excitement mounts.
- Denard gets a hit! Excitement mounts further.
- Casilla comes to the plate.
- Lots of yelling from the other end of the phone. I assume this either means we've won or the Metrodome just exploded.
- Turns out we won. YAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm mostly impressed by Carlos Gomez's ability to draw a walk. I'm also cool with the Cuddyer-Gomez-Span outfield selection. Gomez kind of rocks. He reminds me of Torii the way he crashes into walls trying to make impossible catches. It warms the cockles of my heart and fills me with nostalgic images of Torii being carried out on a stretcher after whamming into a pole with his entire body. And plus, Cuddyer seems to be handling Supraction(TM) just fine by himself. So even though Casilla hit in the winning run, my hero of the game is Carlos Gomez, for his patience. :)

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  1. You make excellent guesses, it's a little hard to tell which is more likely to elicit that kind of yelling...victory...or explosions (my family loves them both equally)