This series, glorious and wonderful as it has been, has led to a few observations

1) It is very good to have one player get many, many, many hits in one game--we encourage players to continue doing this.

2) Umpires=Jerkfaces. I'm not sure what this is all about but it seems as though every time we're barely safe, we are actually out, and every time we barely tag out the opponents, we actually don't. Seriously...a little break now and then...nothing wrong with that.

3) Mike Scioscia is afraid of failure. Much to the chagrin of Twins fans Gardy is loyal...very loyal...a little too loyal to be frank. And if our pitcher is getting pummeled, shellacked and generally whooped up on, Gardy demands that said pitcher stick it out. Gardy also demands that our pitchers take out the trash, eat all of their brussel sprouts and solve world hunger between innings.
Twins pitchers don't always like this, but they usually succeed because of it...it is what we call tough love. It is also the opposite of what Mike Scioscia, Angel's manager, does.
Mike Scioscia is the manager who buys his pitchers video games, gives them ice cream sundaes for breakfast lunch and dinner, and is then surprised when teachers report that the pitchers are spoiled. At the first sign of danger, Mike is out to talk them through it, calm them down, and, more often than not, give them a hug and bring them out of the game.
This might make the Angels successful in the short run, but over the course of the season, they learn no grit, no determination, no guile.
Our manager may never have made a guest appearance on The Simpsons, he might be more cantankerous and less congenial than his southern California counterpart.

We love Torii, and it sounds like Mike Scioscia's a nice guy, but now you've learned a little bit more about failure. No need to thank us.

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