Undercover Nerd

Stinky and I have discussed the Twins problems, the fact that we are not doing the hitting the way we should, the fact that our starting pitchers (or at least, 2-4/5ths of them) are not pitching the way we normally do. We do not like to press the panic button, but when we have as many chances as we had last night, and we still fail to win...well...we feel not so good.

But there is this. At the start of the year we identified the Rays as the geeks who make good. Overlooked picked upon, and at the end of the season, ahead of you in the standings. But I sincerely believe that no geek, NONE, should be able to hit the ball as far as Carlos Pena hit Dickey's pitch in the 8th. Which leads us to only one conclusion:

Carlos Pena is an UNDERCOVER NERD
The Geek shall inherit the Earth.

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