That is why you never leave a game early.
To everyone who left in the 7th: ppppppppbbbbbbbbbbbbbbttttttttt.

That one half inning makes suffering through the Blue Jays worthwhile. It makes seeing Torii rob Brendan Harris of a double worthwhile. It makes enduring Mike Socia's interminable visits to the mound worthwhile. It makes surviving the most annoying teenage girl in the universe (who sat right behind us, talked about everything that was not baseball, screamed at a deafening pitch and sang off key) worthwhile.

Seeing the Angels walk Morneau to pitch to Jason Ku-dubel, who, in addition to hitting a ku-dingle, a ku-double, and a ku-driple, then promptlly hit a ku-drand ku-dam ku-dome ku-dun to hit for the ku-dycle makes life totally worthwhile. I mean...just look at these happy people, don't you want to be like them?

Any game that can make us go from burying our heads in our hands in total despair to screaming, jumping up and down and accidentally knocking our rally caps onto the guy three rows ahead of us (sorry!) has to be the greatest thing ever. And it was.

Welcome back Awesome Twins. We've missed you.

Hero of the game: Do I even need to say it?

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