In your face other cultures!!

I will admit, I had a minor crisis of faith tonight. We'd lost ten in a row to Toronto, we couldn't handle a rookie slugger named "Travis Snider" (which honestly sounds like a kindergarten bully), the Blue Jays took a lead early and it seemed like no matter how well Perkins pitched he was doomed to go winless again.

It looked like we might supract our way to victory. After tying the game we got two consecutive hits that went a cumulative 50 feet. A supractalicious start. Just as the Blue Jays were distracted by the bunt hit possibility Morneau bombed one against the baggy that looked caught, but was just a single thereby distracting them all.

All of them, except Rickey Romero. Who defeated Master of Supraction Michael Cuddyer (gasp!) and Greedy Joe Crede. Apparently our Supraction skillz are a tad rusty since the off-season.

When the Blue Jays tied it up again I thought...not so good. And while I left work in the middle of the 9th I was morbidly convinced that the game would end in heartbreak while I was en route home.

But Ze Ubermensch held steady with two perfect innings (even if one was a little nerve rattling). I kept imaging Ze Ubermensch informing us all of "ze power of ze UBERMENSCH!! Ze Ubermensch Allows NUH-SSSING! NUH-SSSING!!!"

But true satisfaction came in the 9th. With Justin using his new found speed to score the winning run and finally give us a win over the accursed Blue Jays.

We said at the beginning of the year that the Blue Jays are like the foreign exchange kid in baseball. (Note: I say all of this as a proud teacher of foreign students, but to teachers foreign kids are unique and charming...to high schoolers they are just irritating). Exchange kids are new (lots of rookies on the Blue Jays), they are different (they're like us, only with accents), they are not interesting enough to command your undivided attention (name a sure fire Hall-of-Famer Blue Jay...still waiting), and they seem to turn up when you least want to see them (which for the Twins is all the time). Every conversation you have is irredeemably awkward and its all you can do to get away from them. So in future, Twins, Twins fans, and any immature high schooler if you see any students like the ones pictured below: run.

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