Season Preview Part II

Baseball is like school, everyone has their own class (division), their own circle of friends (salary strata), their own inimitable style (way of playing the game)

It is in that spirit that this year's Peanuts from Heaven Season Preview focuses on the high school archetypes that each team presents. The memorable things they've done and where they'll undoubtedly end up when the season ends in 6 months

Next up, The National League Central:

1st place: Chicago Cubs
Lovable Lug
Quote: "Hey there slugger! Sorry I knocked that bowl of soup in your lap! We're still buddies, right slugger?!?!"
Where they'll be in 6 months: Drinking away sorrows after another devastating postseason loss.

2nd place: St. Louis Cardinals
The Overlooked and Underappreciated All-Star
Quote: "Hey...I did that too, you know."
Where they'll be in 6 months: Practicing a winning smile in the mirror (it might get them to the playoffs next year)

3rd place: Milwaukee Brewers
The Fat Kid
Quote: "I can't believe I ate the whole thing..."
Where they'll be in 6 months: Celebrity "Biggest Loser", or crying into a bucket of chicken while watching the playoffs on their couch.

4th: Pittsburgh Pirates
Shrinking Violet
Quote: "*Cough* Sorry."
Where they'll be in 6 months: Who cares?

5th: Cincinnati Reds
Mr. Unknown
Quote: "Hey!....It's ME!...What do you mean you don't remember me?"
Where they'll be in 6 months: Somewhere we care about less than Pittsburgh

6th Place: Houston Astros
Dumb Jock
Where they'll be in 6 months: Facing a paternity suit.

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