Some thoughts...

Sadly, after the awesomeness of Friday and Mozart and 12 runs we have now been forced to confront the sadness of a shutout defeat.

As usual this sadness has been wrought by the evilness of Fox broadcasters. Last year, when the Twins played on Fox Saturday Baseball, in front of a (semi) national audience they would become flummoxed and fail...this year started in in a similar manner, with Mark Grace and Thom Brennaman ruining our trip to Chicago.

During this desperately desolate game a few thoughts occurred to your loyal authors.

1) Leaving Runners on Base=not so good--It's not that the White Sox were exceptionally better than us today, it was just that they were exceptionally better at getting runners who were on base to come in and score. We could have tied the game, if  we had hit the ball...also we might have won the game if we had thrown or caught the ball better...but we'll save that for tomorrow's INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS ADVICE post.

2) Football=stupid--I'm going to explain this simply to you Fox. Just because people wear football jerseys and enjoy football, doesn't mean it's a relevant topic during a baseball game. You know what's relevant to a baseball game? BASEBALL.

3) Luis Ayala=good--we approve of this.

4) Corgies=Better than Corky's--FIE ON YOU CORKY MILLER!!! FIE I SAY!!

5) Fox=obsessed with boobs.--Their network programming obsesses over busty women, sports programming, over guys without shirts on. One gentleman with a torso ample enough for two chest paint letters (the "GO" in "GO SOX") was featured more prominently than Ron Gardenhire (maybe if Gardy managed shirtless....). We could also mention Thom and Mark's obsession with the fitness and good looks of the "S" and "X"...but we'll be professional.

So Saturday stunk. But it was Fox's fault. Sunday will be wonderful, I promise.

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