Season Preview Part I

Baseball is like school, everyone has their own class (division), their own circle of friends (salary strata), their own inimitable style (way of playing the game).

It is in that spirit, that this years Peanuts from Heaven Season Preview focuses on the high school archetypes that each team presents. The memorable things they've done, and where they'll undoubtedly end up when the season ends in 6 months.

We'll start with the National League West:

1st-Arizona Diamond Backs
The Rocker
Quote: "Whatever man, all I need is music"
Where they'll be in 6 months: moping around Tower records following a first round loss in the playoffs

2nd-Los Angeles Dodgers
The Drama Queen
Quote: "oh. My. GOD! This is the most important season EVER!!"
Where they'll be in 6 months: guest starring as a barista in a CBS sitcom, utterly oblivious to how their season went.

3rd-Colorado Rockies
Quote: "**** You"
Where they'll be in 6 months: free on bail.

4th-San Francisco Giants
Hippy Stoner
Quote: "Dude, I just want to travel, and you know,  find myself, you know?"
Where they'll be in 6 months: in the exact same place...a year a way from contending.

5th-San Diego Padres
Stoner Stoner
Quote: "huhuhuhuhuhuhuh....cool"
Where they'll be in 6 months: staring at a wall (which will actually be more fun than watching the Padres play this year)

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