Season Preview Part III

Baseball is like school, everyone has their own class (division), their own circle of friends (salary strata), their own inimitable style (way of playing the game)

It is in that spirit that this year's Peanuts From heaven Season Preview focuses on the high school archetypes that each team presents, the memorable things they have done, and where they'll undoubtedly end up when the season ends in 6 months.

Now that I'm back from lunch, let's take a look at the National League East

1st--New York Mets
Quote: "It's okay...my daddy will take care of it."
Where they'll be in 6 months: Failing out of the League Championship, and failing into a VP of Marketing job.

2nd--Philadelphia Phillies
Counter-Culture Kids
Quote: "Don't do what 'the man' tells you to!"
Where they'll be in 6 months: Working for the man (who whoops them in the first round of the playoffs)

3rd--Florida Marlins
Quote: "WOO US!!!"
Where they'll be in 6 months: Knocked out of the race, and knocked up by the dumb jock

4th--Atlanta Braves
Goody Two shoes
Quote: "Golly!"
Where they'll be in 6 months: Girls Gone Wild.

5th--Washington Nationals
Computer Geek
Quote: "Wanna see my new level 78 Blood Elf?"
Where they'll be in 6 months: Still trying (and failing) to get people to like them.


  1. all i can say is - you're awesome :)

  2. ...and also, you have no idea how much I wish Johan had that haircut in real life.