Nostalgia all over the place

Piece of nostalgia #1.
Remeber back in the days of yore (2 years ago) when the Rays were the Devil Rays and they were really bad at baseball? Then last year, they decided to become all awesome (I'm convinced that Jason Bartlett had a lot to do with this), lost the whole "Devil" thing and in doing so appeared to exorcise all sucktasticness from their playing. I was concerned they'd never suck again. I was wrong.
It's pretty obvious that last night, one of 3 things happened:

a) Demons were pissed at the Rays for shunning them last year and decided to possess their arms/gloves to make them screw up all sorts of plays, like so:

or, b) We surprised and distracted them so much that they couldn't help but suck.

or, alternatively, c) the spectre or Sir Sidney Ponson was already upon them, leeching bad baseball into the atmosphere and sucking all the life out of the Rays and also out of Jason Bartlett's hamstring.

I think all of these options are equally likely to have occured.

...which brings us to Nostalgia #2)
Sidney Ponson! Sir Eats-a-lot returns to the dome, pitting his 0 for 3 record against Slowey's 3 for 3. Not to jinx anything but I like symmetry. A nice 0-4/4-0 would be nice.

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  1. AAAACK--The demon both scares and amuses me--which isn't quite supraction, but is surprisingly effective.