Um. OK.

So....we lost the opener. To the Mariners.
Not quite the glorious comeback we were all hoping for, but, as Scruffy so wisely said "You can't' win 'em all."

It's less depressing when I think of it this way:
It was one game, out of 162. Last year, our boys went 88-74, meaning that if we were going to equal last season's record, we still had a 45% chance of losing this game.

It's more depressing when I think of it this way:
We lost the opener. To the Mariners.

To make up for this extreme depression, I got a hot dog and covered it with ridiculous ammounts of various condiments, such that I could hardly hold it in my hands to eat it.

I also happened to notice that it was very cold last night. I began to ponder exactly how many layers I would have to wear in order to not freeze while sitting outdoors for 2-3 hours in this weather. Answer: enough to make me look like a small waddly marshmallow. So, there's that.

OK on to the important things. Analysis of our loss. Here is my assessment of the more significant problems we ran into last night:
- Squandered opportunities with buddies on base.
- Too much grounding out to first.
- Not enough base hits.
- Ken Griffey Jr.

If we can fix these smiple problems, we're good to go.

...ok so it might not be as easy as I make it sound, but C'mon guys! We can do it!!!!

I'd also like to give a shoutout to my official hero of the game: Mike Redmond. Right after getting beaned in the neck with a broken bat, he promptly hits a double - our only non-single hit of the game. Well done. Just...please don't be injured. We don't have another catcher. This is my plea to you Mike Redmond - please, please feel better. We cannot lose you.

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